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The Big Collective has the ability to provide Social Media uploading and tracking, in connection with our interactive products – to help increase brand awareness and make one BIG Impact

We are very careful how brands are portrayed via Social Media. A consultation with your team ensures that we understand, and thus follow, the set brand guidelines, and portray the right message through the channels.

All our products are fully customisable from the front end to the back end – essentially what you can see and what is produced – which means that there are endless opportunities and we can white label our service as per your requirements.  All our offerings can be used on the product chosen, or via our iPad’s and 4G WiFi facilities, to ensure smooth usage throughout an event.

With our basic option we can upload via Email, Text, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  We can also offer data capture (CRM data) and custom surveys, alongside providing basic tools to measure the Return on Investment from the activity.

With our advanced option we can offer in-depth analytics / metrics via a fully customised digital platform for users, offering an overview of all content – with full moderation.  This can really help to review your campaign’s success.  As well as being able to upload and manage multi-format content (i.e. video, GIF, photo etc), we can also run ‘live’ competitions – the opportunities are endless with plenty of tools to manage and/or drive interaction.

Trust us with our expertise to ensure you make one BIG impact with your event!

Create your BIG buzz

See the BIG trend

Review the BIG results

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