Experiential Photography

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There is huge power in a picture!

A Picture, be it a physical printout or a digital image, provides a snapshot in time – a memoir!

Photos stimulate memories, provide talking points and also communicate with people on various emotional levels …. Very powerful stuff!

As we move into a very social savvy world; Facebook and Twitter in particular, are becoming embedded into the daily lives of people. Not a day goes by where I fail to see an updated profile picture, a new uploaded photo album, or a vivacious tweet – the world is evidently a vein place! People are also very concerned with actions and whereabouts of others – an information rich, cyber society.

Can brands capitalise on this?

The hardest factor for brands is to engage with their audience on a level which is innovative, exciting and stimulating, thus capturing attention and providing a call to action. Brands simply want to leave their mark on a consumer.

With this in mind, consider the following formulae;

Picture (Experiential) + Branding = Powerful subliminal marketing

Now, consider this ….. a ‘branded’ photograph is captured and pushed virally onto social media platforms. For arguments sake, if the person in question has 600+ friends, or 600+ followers, imagine the exposure and mass market brand awareness? Also, consider if this picture is re-tweeted or shared – this awareness is amplified further.
With pictures being so important in many people’s lives, a branded profile picture on Facebook, or a tweeted graphic, or even a printout placed on the fridge at home, has implications on subliminal messaging for the brand.

Connections are also pivotal in marketing. Typically, people are friends on facebook with ‘like’ people. If this person has 600+ friends of similar social demographics, the brand is then hitting the right market, especially if the person in the picture is their target consumer! Viral Marketing!

This brings us to the Photo Booth itself. Photo Booths are both cost-effective and uncomplicated in structure, yet provide highly effective results both tangibly and intangibly – surely a marketeers dream? With a few key elements – data capture, Social Media Integration, customisable skins and printouts – Huge brand awareness and ROI can be achieved. Essentially, this is experiential marketing at its best, ‘marketing dressed in fun’.

So now I ask ‘you’ … can you see power in a picture?