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The Tweet Wall

Whether you want to track a trend, or simply start one, we can assist!

Our Tweet Walls offer the opportunity for HUGE brand awareness alongside the ability to measure Return on Investment. With numerous presentation & interactive options, including analytical dashboards – offering full moderation – this product really does present the perfect option to make a BIG social impact.

Our options include; ‘software-only’- which can be used in conjunction with pre-existing set-ups – versus complete hardware set-up, throughout the venue (using our WiFi solutions).

Get in touch to tailor a unique package today, so we can plan your social amplification strategy!

Our Tweet Wall Software and/or Hardware is fully supported by us throughout your event – we are at your beck and call.

The software we offer is highly customisable and comes with full moderation. Our Interface also allows embedded content such as advertising and/or videos, to be cycled within the presentation, among the user generated content (Tweets / Instagram Posts) – there are plenty of options, and all of this can be tailored, as required.

One main element is that our software allows full administrative control over all content displayed, via a comprehensive Dashboard – we also allow up to 5 administrators to manage this, accessible via laptop, smartphone or tablet.

With additional options such as ‘live poling’ and full analytics, this product really does offer the ability to generate huge social interaction and measurement of your spend!

This product is one which can truly create a BIG Social Impact at your event!



  • Product Type : HARDWARE and/or SOFTWARE
  • Hardware (if required) : Laptops, LCD / Plasma / Projector Screens (to display the software)
  • Interface : Fully moderated Dashboard
  • Social Media Platforms Compatible : Twitter / Instagram / Vine / YouTube
  • Screen Options : Multi-format / style – Customisable presentation screens
  • User Requirements : Up to 5 administrators per Dashboard
  • Screen Requirements : Dashboard can support up to 5 screens per session
  • Build-Time: 1 hour ‘minimum’ per screen required (time includes software implementation and testing)


  • On-site staff throughout the hire period – unstaffed / dry-hire options also available
  • Delivery, Set-up & Breakdown, within all package prices
  • All Hardware (Laptops, LCD Screens and cabling) – if hardware is pre-booked
  • 4G WiFi*
  • £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • PAT Certification for all electrical equipment used
  • Health & Safety Documentation / Risk Assessment

*Our WiFi is dependent on strength at the venue. A site visit may be necessary to establish the suitability of this facility, prior to the event date/s


  • Laptops & Hardware to run our Software and to access our Moderated Dashboard – if the Software ‘only’ option is selected
  • A dedicated ‘Moderator’ throughout the event (if required) – to ensure the Tweets & Images are approved, prior to display

Product Type : Hardware and/or Software

Max no. of Administrators : 5

Screen Requirements : Up to 5 per Dashboard

Build time: 1 hour+


We try to customise everything we can, to deliver a fully branded experience. With our Tweet Wall software, we can ensure branding is consistent, ensuring all content is in line with the brand guidelines provided (i.e. pantone colours, logo’s and text / content).

At the end of the day, brands are precious to us, so we want to ensure what is displayed reflects the brand in the best possible light, so we provide the tools to enable this.
Simply, we can do anything required to ensure your brand is correctly amplified at your event!

Get in touch to look and make one BIG impact art your event.


We have tried to answer the most common questions below, however if we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch today so we can assist further.

  • Can I see this product before booking?
    Yes! We have a warehouse, so you are welcome to come and see any of our kit, if required. We only take appointments however, due to frequently being out on-site with events – find us here then get in touch to secure a date.With regards to the software, we can set-up ‘test portals’ for you to test the software to ensure you have an element of ‘try before you buy’ – we want you to be 100% confident in the product you are choosing.
  • How many Screen can I have at one event?
    As many you like. Just speak to our team to discuss your requirements.
  • Can the content be moderated and changed if needed, as Twitter & Instagram is not restricted?
    Yes! The beauty of this software is that is allows full administrator rights to edit, restrict or delete content so there can be no nasty surprises at your event.
  • What events is this product suited for?
    This product can be used at Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conferences, Corporate Events, Marketing / PR Events, Experiential events – essentially, anywhere which offers a platform to achieve ‘Social’ brand awareness.
  • Do you offer any stats we can access after the event?
    Yes, we can show you a variety of stats including how many social interactions over time, which user posted the most and an estimated social reach.
  • What Social Media Platforms work with this product?
    This product scans both Twitter and Instagram and can feed pre-set hashtags to the display dashboard. This does not cross-check Facebook, as this platform does not integrate with third party software.
  • Can I display my Twitter wall in portrait mode?
    Yes! We can design bespoke layouts for your event – including your events logo, graphics, banners and sponsors on the screen in variety of different sizes and positions.
  • Do you travel around the UK?
    Yes! We cover the entire UK, however we do charge a small supplement for mileage going outside of the M25 – London is where we are based.
  • Is the Product suitable for ‘outside ‘usage?
    No! Unfortunately, this product is highly sensitive to light, so is best kept in-doors to avoid malfunction, or unsatisfactory usage, as we care about the quality delivered at your event.
  • How far can your power wires extend?
    We try to avoid trailing wires where possible, however we typically equip all our units with a 5-metre extension cable, as standard. We also have stock of up to 20 metres, available on request.
  • Can you set up earlier to avoid clashing with our guests/ attendees arriving / event proceedings?
    Yes! This may be subject to an idle hour cost, however we typically build our packages accordingly to allow you to get the best value for your money.
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes – £5 million PLI. Our certificate is provided upon request, prior to an event. We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have PAT Tested Equipment?
    Yes. Our certificate is provided upon request, prior to an event. We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have a Risk Assessment / Health & Safety Documentation:
    Yes. Our Documentation is provided upon request, prior to an event. We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have a Method Statement?
    Yes. The certificate is provided upon request.
  • What makes you different to other competitors out there?
    Look at our Google and Facebook reviews and the clients we have worked with – also take a look at how long we have been around (since 2012). It is not a coincidence we are ranked as one of the best at what we do! Get in touch to find out why we excel!

Please note we are not the cheapest out there, however, we compete on customer service, customisation and quality of product. If you are looking for a basement price, we may not be the best suited company for you unfortunately – we just want to be honest from the outset!


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