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The Oval Photo Booth

The largest of our Photo Booths – can seat up to 5 people

The Oval Photo Booth provides numerous customisable options, both internally and externally, with fully personalised digital output.

With an internal touchscreen interface, users can preview themselves prior to each photoshoot, with on-screen choices of colour, black & white or vintage themed images.  With the use of filters, alongside configuration of augmented reality, the options are endless!

All of our Oval Photo Booths are also geared up for HD Video, with all features fully customisable – we can even personalise the supplementary items such as ‘props’, so get in touch in order to tailor a unique package today.



  • Product Type : SEATED/ENCLOSED
  • Dimension (metres) : 2.1m Height | 2.3m Length | 1.3m Depth
  • Maximum Capacity : 5 Persons
  • Interface : Touchscreen
  • Print Size : 6”x4” (standard) or 6”x2” (retro)
  • Optimum Set-up : 4 Images / shots per photo-shoot
  • Print Turnaround Time : 12 seconds (dry)
  • External ‘Skin’ : 5 Panels
  • HD Video Enabled
  • Build Time : 45 minutes – 1 hour


  • Large Box of Props (as required)
  • USB Presentation Box
  • Password Protected Gallery
  • On-site staff throughout the hire period
  • Delivery, Set-up & Breakdown, within all package prices quoted
  • £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • PAT Certification for all electrical equipment used
  • Health & Safety Documentation / Risk Assessment


  • 3m x 2m clear space – ‘The Build Area’
  • Being placed within close proximity of a 13amp standard UK socket
  • 1 small table next to the Booth

Dimensions: 2.1m (H) x 2.3m (L) x 1.3m (D)

Max Capacity: 5

Number of shots: 1-10

Build time: 45 minutes – 1 hour


All our units produce output which is ‘fully’ customisable. We have our own designer to ensure your requirements are met to the highest level, be it following branding guidelines, or customising graphics for a private event, we can do it all!

None of our products go to an event without prior approval either. We always ensure mock-ups are provided, and subsequently signed off, to ensure you know exactly what is being produced for your event (in plenty of time) – we don’t want any unwelcome surprises on the day itself!


We offer a choice of black or white exterior as standard – this can also be de-branded if required.

We also offer partial, or complete custom branding options.

Finally, we provide alternative product options of vinyl, or static cling stickers, where full branding is not a required or viable option.  These are typically 1m2 in size and work perfectly for those on a reduced budget, with no compromise on the quality of the end product – we only look to provide the best for our clients!

Our designer will assist in a full consultation, to ensure maximum brand awareness can be achieved, with your chosen option.


** All branding products are stored at our warehouse, for a period of 1 year following the event in question, prior to disposal.  Clients are welcome to use these again during this period, as required **


We can offer anything from a curtain, or branded vinyl backdrop, to an interactive greenscreen, which opens us endless possibilities.

Our aim is to get the right finishing touch for the Images produced – so we consult with you, to ensure this is achieved to the highest level.

With all options, we offer a graphic design service, should you prefer us to do the work. Get in contact to run through all options on offer!


With our standard event packages, we offer a choice of ‘curtain’ colour, to ensure you get the right finishing touch to your Image background.

Get in touch to enquire what we have in stock, as this can change – we can also order customised alternatives, as required.


This is the option to create your own backdrop – a blank canvas!  Be it a branding message to relay, embedded behind the user, or simply a creative finishing touch, we can achieve anything, so get in contact to see how we can utilise this element for your event.


We offer both a ‘basic’ option, alongside a ‘multi-greenscreen’ alternative – both are great to add that element of creativity at your event.

Greenscreen, allows a digital image to be portrayed on a background, although the user will only ever see the physical green backdrop – the magic is in the camera!

Typically, with our basic option, we pre-approve a number of select images and the camera cycles through these during the photoshoot, rotating the backgrounds.

For our more advanced option – multi-greenscreen – we allow the user to select what they want on-screen, with hundreds of options, including the use of Augmented Reality.  This really does add a quirky addition.

As we, ourselves, are masters of customisation, we provide a consultation to help with selecting the right backgrounds for your event.  We can also tailor the Photo Booth touchscreen interface, so you can have this fully themed for your event, providing endless possibilities of creativity!


We strive to offer the biggest range of product additions where applicable and possible. We are constantly upgrading our Inventory and not all is listed online, so do get in touch to find out what we have in stock to offer for your event.

Also, if you have seen a specific product elsewhere you think we should offer, or service we should tailor, why not get in touch – we are more than happy to hear your suggestions


These can be used to add the fancy element to your event. The poles can also be accompanied by red, blue or black rope. Please note that we would require a further 2 metres of working space.


With this option, we supply all the necessary utensils.  This produces a great memento for that special event, with an additional set of prints provided from the Photo Booth, to place inside the book, for that ‘interactive’ element.  We have different choices of book colour, so get in touch to see what we can do for your event.


This feature uses a ‘RODE’ Microphone linked with our DSLR Camera, to capture clips of sound and video within the Booth. Typically, this is pre-programmed to 30-60 second clips, yet all options are customisable to each event. There are plenty of on-screen options too, for users to control how the video is recorded, within the Booth.


We can affix a TV screen, either – or both – internally, or externally. This allows us to display ‘live’ what is going on within the Booth, which can help to generate the crowds! Alternatively, we can display content to users within the Booth, to create an interactive element, which really does open up endless creative possibilities.


We can offer multi-angle and multi-camera content captured internally or externally, with rigs, tripods, or frames – many customers need more than one camera set-up, so please enquire if you need something extra. We can also customise the shape of the Booth to accommodate different kit, where required.


All of our Booths can be enabled with GIF functionality. We can edit the speed of the GIF, the number of Images, the logo’s / captions and the background or overlays applied. This option is very bespoke to the event in question and there are lots of options – we will work with you to ensure this is all outlined in our initial consultation.


This is where we can create – on-site – mini flip book ‘stories’, comprised from Images taken within the Booth. We provide all the necessary utensils (cutting & binding equipment) – you just need to provide the creativity. Sounds intriguing? Get in touch to see what this can add for your event.


Where required, we can offer a complete custom box of props with tailored chalkboards / whiteboards, frames and themed items – there are numerous options to consider!

This would work well with Images taken against a branded back-drop, to create a scene or theme, relating to your hashtag, or simply used to prompt social sharing / trending (great for exhibition stands in particular!).

We have lots to offer, so get in touch to see how we can go the extra mile for your event


This option enables the usage of high spec printing equipment, alongside our Photo Booth software, to produce photographic ‘sticky’ labels. Whether you want to create an interactive product label or simply just want to add a face to a product of choice, we can achieve it all! We also have high spec Dye Cutting equipment, so the labels can be any shape you require.

This usually goes hand in hand with customisation of the touchscreen interface within the Booth, yet it’s best to get in touch to chat with us, so we can make sure this generates a BIG Impact at your event.


We can offer Social uploading via on-site Ipads and our fully customisable APP – using our own 4G WiFi facility (so we don’t need to rely on third-party connections). We can also build SMI functionality directly into our Booths, so this can be controlled on-screen.

We offer both a ‘basic’ service to upload Images via Social Media channels, or alternatively, a more in-depth ‘analytical’ option, with numerous choices, inclusive of a client dashboard, for overseeing the activity. This can aid in measuring the effectiveness of our products in delivering value, alongside Return on Investment, from the activity.

Both options are fully customisable, so we can tailor, as you require!

We are very careful how Brands are portrayed via Social Media, so we will consult with you when using this feature, to ensure we fully understand all the necessary aspects.


If you wanted to create an interactive printout – a dual take home memento -a ‘tear off’ coupon, or simply generate a ‘call-to-action’, we can achieve it all.

We also offer a full design service to ensure you maximise the usage of this addition.

This really does offer another level of creativity, so think outside of the box to see how this can generate a BIG Impact at your event.


Often, we build, customise or White Label our products to reflect the needs of our clients, or the specific ‘brief’. Nothing is too complex for us!

Our creative team can customise internally, externally, digitally or physically, so trust us with your brief and we will look to make a BIG Impact at your event (nothing is ‘standard’ with us!)


Quite often we customise the Interface for a client, in order to brand the complete experience, from start to finish. We can add / alter buttons, or change the function entirely.

Creatively, we can do almost anything to match your brief, so get in touch to discuss this further!


If you want a different operating product than our standard, just enquire to see what our creative team can do – no job is too complex for us! In past client case studies, we have built a unit to accommodate a different camera, printer or screen – we can adapt any of the internal elements of the Booth to match your requirements. Your event matters to us, so we will always do what we can to impress you!


We have tried to answer the most common questions below, however if we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch today so we can assist further.

  • What is the minimum number of guests you supply to?
    If you have above 30+ guests then one of our standard packages will be perfect for your event.  We can cater for less than this, however we would need to tailor a package accordingly, to ensure you get value for money.
  • Can you offer less than the standard 3 hours hire time?
    Yes! This is subject to availability and at the discretion of your event manager (depending on the date requested).
  • Do you travel around the UK?
    Yes! We cover the entire UK; however, we do charge a small supplement for mileage going outside of the M25 – London is our where we are based.
  • Can this product be set up in a house?
    Yes! If we have sufficient working space, we can supply this product almost anywhere.
  • Can I view the booth before / after my booking?
    Yes! We have a warehouse, so you are welcome to come and see any of our kit, if required. We only take appointments however, due to frequently being out, on-site with events – get in touch with us to secure a date – yet bear in mind we don’t do this on Sundays.
  • Is the Product suitable for ‘outside ‘usage?
    Yes! Please note that we would require a suitable cover over the equipment (i.e. gazebo / canopy), to ensure the electrical components are protected and that the unit is placed on flat ground.
  • How far can your power wires extend?
    We don’t like to trail wires where avoidable, however, we typically equip all our units with a 5 metre extension cable, as standard (fully PAT Tested). We do have stock of up to 20 metres available on request.
  • Can you set up earlier to avoid clashing with our guests arriving / event proceedings
    Yes! This may be subject to an idle hour cost; however, we typically build our packages accordingly to allow you to get the best value for your money.
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes – £5 million PLI. Our certificate is provided upon request, prior to an event.  We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have PAT Tested Equipment?
    Yes. Our certificate is provided upon request, prior to an event.  We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have a Risk Assessment / Health & Safety Documentation:
    Yes. Our Documentation is provided upon request, prior to an event.  We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have a Method Statement?
    Yes. The certificate is provided upon request
  • What makes you different to other competitors out there?
    Look at our Google and Facebook reviews and the clients we have worked with – also take a look at how long we have been around (since 2012). It is not a coincidence we are ranked as one of the best at what we do! Get in touch to find out why we excel!

Please note we are not the cheapest out there, however, we compete on customer service, customisation and quality of product. If you are looking for a basement price, we may not be the best suited company for you unfortunately – we just want to be honest from the outset!


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