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The Digital Graffiti Wall

Versatile and interactive – the most creative of our solutions

The Digital Graffiti Wall offers literally and metaphorically a blank canvass, fully customisable, catering for all types of event, allowing users to unleash their creativity, display statistics, write notes / testimonials and much more.

With tailored backgrounds and numerous additional options, the Digital Graffiti Wall is perfect for events ranging from private parties (birthdays / weddings), to, large PR, Branding or Marketing campaigns.

The Digital Graffiti Wall can be tailored to your event, contact us to run through your brief and we can add our expertise.



  • Dimensions (metres) : 2.1m Height | 3.1m Length | 1.3m Depth
  • Maximum no. of users : 1 artist (at a time)
  • Usability : Infrared Graffiti Cans
  • Interface / Interaction : Large Stretched flat white Canvas
  • Optimum Set-up : 4+ pre-loaded ‘custom’ background images to artify as you please
  • External ‘skin’ : Stretched black Felt covering
  • Build Time : 60 – 90 minutes


  • USB Presentation Box
  • Password Protected Gallery
  • On-site staff throughout the hire period
  • Delivery, Set-up & Breakdown, within all package prices quoted
  • £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • PAT Certification for all electrical equipment used
  • Health & Safety Documentation / Risk Assessment


  • 4m x 4m clear space ‘build area’
  • Being placed within close proximity of a 13amp standard UK socket
  • A clear access route into the venue (no large flights of stairs, or obstructions)
  • Indoor placement only – within an area of restricted natural sunlight / Infrared light

Dimensions: 2.1m (H) x 3.1m (L) x 1.3m (D)

Max no. of users : 1 (at a time)

Build time: 60 – 90 minutes


Our Graffiti Walls have fully customisable backgrounds to get creative with. We can offer stock Images, or alternatively, we can customise the complete set-up; with themed backgrounds, photos or colours – we can even customise the colour palette to be aligned with your branding.

We also offer ‘live roaming’, which includes one of our DSLR Camera’s shooting directly to the Wall, so the Image cam be edited – the opportunities are endless!

Anything is possible – speak to one of our team to get the creative juices flowing!


If you wish, we can tailor the outer fabric of our Walls to reflect your brand message, colours or event theme – we can even build the unit into a structure of choice, where required.

If you want one complete branded experience, then this option would be for you!


** All branding products are stored at our warehouse, for a period of 1 year following the event in question, prior to disposal.  Clients are welcome to use these again during this period, as required **


Our Walls can print directly onto 6” x 4” postcard sized print-outs during the event. This is achieved via our high spec Photographic Printers, which take circa 12 seconds per print, so provide an ultrafast take-home memento.

All our printed content is fully customisable. We have our own designer to ensure your requirements are met to the highest level, be it following branding guidelines, or customising graphics for a private event, we can do it all!

None of our products go to an event without prior approval either – we will ensure a mock-up is provided and signed off in plenty of time prior to an event, to ensure you know exactly what is being produced. We don’t want any unwelcome surprises on the day itself!


Our Walls link with a wide variety of additions for all client needs – most of which provide ‘take-home’ value, which work well for corporate campaigns, or private events, big or small.

We strive to offer the biggest range of product additions where possible. We are constantly upgrading our Inventory and not all is listed online, so do get in touch to find out what we have in stock to offer for your event.

Talk to one of our event consultants to customise a package for your event, so we can advise you of the best solution


With our top of the range printers and presses, we can print directly from the Wall onto T-shirts, which are heat pressed on-site, for an instant take-away memento from the event!


Key rings, Mugs, Bags, Postcards… You imagine it, we do it.

Just enquire about what you require, and we will work our magic with the end result!


With high-spec digital printers, we can print directly from the Wall onto labels that can affix to a specified product.

We also have a Dye Cutting machine, so we can cut the labels to the specific requirements, on-site.


If you lack creativity or need some stimulus, this option is for you. We can line up top talent to grace your event, to demonstrate usage of the wall, or to develop the creative juices flowing within the event – they will be under your instruction (unless you would prefer they go wild)!

This option is also great with corporate conferences, where you may want some creative work in the background to reflect your ideas – this option really can make a BIG impact at your event.


These are the supplementary items, but when customised, offer a fully integrated branding experience. We can wrap the cans in any graphic / text, as required, so let us know what you need, and our graphic designer can assist you with production.


With this option we provide a high spec Canon DSRL camera to roam around the venue – or static on a tripod – taking pictures. These pictures are then transferred to the Wall via Wifi*, for creative editing!

*we use our own 4G WiFi to ensure smooth usage, rather than rely on third party connections – this dependent on the reception at the venue however and may require a site visit prior to the event, to guarantee suitability.


We can offer Social uploading via on-site Ipads and our fully customisable APP – using our own 4G WiFi facility (so we don’t need to rely on third-party connections). We can also build SMI functionality directly into our Walls, so this can be controlled on-screen / canvas.

We offer both a ‘basic’ service to upload Images via Social Media channels, or alternatively, a more in-depth ‘analytical’ option, with numerous choices, inclusive of a client dashboard, for overseeing the activity. This can aid in measuring the effectiveness of our products in delivering value, alongside, ROI from the activity.

Both options are fully customisable, so we can tailor, as you require!

We are very careful how Brands are portrayed via Social Media, so we will consult with you when using this feature, to ensure we fully understand all the necessary aspects.



We have tried to answer the most common questions below, however if we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch today so we can assist further.

  • What is the minimum number of guests you supply to?
    There is no minimum guest number with this product. We are keen to ensure we offer value for money with all of our products however. Although we can cater for low guest numbers at an event, we may need to tailor a package accordingly, just to ensure you get your money’s worth!
  • Can you offer less than the standard 4 hours hire time?
    Yes! This is subject to availability and at the discretion of your event manager. Just bear in mind however, that this product takes 1+ hour to set-up.
  • Do you travel around the UK?
    Yes! We cover the entire UK, however we do charge a small supplement for mileage going outside of the M25 – London is where we are based.
  • Can this product be set up in a house?
    Yes! As long as we have sufficient working space, we can supply this product almost anywhere.
    Review our specification section to ensure you are aware of our space requirements.
  • Can I view the Graffiti Wall before / after my booking?
    Yes! We have a warehouse, so you are welcome to come and see any of our kit, if required. We only take appointments however, due to frequently being out, on-site with events – get in touch with us to secure a date – yet bear in mind we don’t do this on Sundays.
  • Is the Product suitable for ‘outside ‘usage?
    No! Unfortunately, this product is highly sensitive to light, so is best kept in-doors to avoid malfunction, or unsatisfactory usage, as we care about the quality delivered at your event.
  • How far can your power wires extend?
    We try to avoid trailing wires where possible, however we typically equip all our units with a 5-metre extension cable, as standard. We also have stock of up to 20 metres, available on request.
  • Can you set up earlier to avoid clashing with our guests arriving / event proceedings
    Yes! This may be subject to an idle hour cost, however we typically build our packages accordingly to allow you to get the best value for your money.
  • Does the Wall work in dark locations?
    Yes! We can operate in dark locations; however, we do need to know if there is an unsuitable background / ambient lighting, just so we can bring additional support lighting.On the polar opposite; too much light affects the function of the Wall, so if need be, a site visit may be necessary to determine the most suitable placement inside the venue.
  • Can the Wall work in venues with stairs?
    In short yes, however, we need to be briefed as to the exact route into the venue, to ensure we have the correct preparation for this scenario. The product is not suitable for small, tight /windy staircases however, due to the size of the kit.In an ideal world, we do need clear access, as the kit is large and heavy and we want to avoid hitting walls / objects en-route to the set-up location.
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes – £5 million PLI. Our certificate is provided upon request, prior to an event.  We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have PAT Tested Equipment?
    Yes. Our certificate is provided upon request, prior to an event.  We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have a Risk Assessment / Health & Safety Documentation:
    Yes. Our Documentation is provided upon request, prior to an event.  We also equip staff with this documentation for viewing on-site, upon request.
  • Do you have a Method Statement?
    Yes. The certificate is provided upon request
  • What makes you different to other competitors out there?
    Look at our Google and Facebook reviews and the clients we have worked with – also take a look at how long we have been around (since 2012). It is not a coincidence we are ranked as one of the best at what we do! Get in touch to find out why we excel!

Please note we are not the cheapest out there, however, we compete on customer service, customisation and quality of product. If you are looking for a basement price, we may not be the best suited company for you unfortunately – we just want to be honest from the outset!


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